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In “Processor Emporium” we talk about every subject regarding computer hardware and processors, featuring full details and displaying information only we can provide you with. Thanks to my knowledge in this field and my abilities to write, I can guarantee that the articles and other entries that are posted in “Processor Emporium” are made with the best quality and effort.

That’s why we introduced a new section called “Reviews,” in which we’ll talk in depth about certain hardware products that catched our public’s attention, giving them a closer look with all the details while comparing it with other new products in the market that are similar to them in order to test their potential.

After we test, compare and analyze the computer hardware or processors in order to rank their potential and performance, so we give them a number followed by the extend review of the product. We rank them from 0 to 10, so if the product is worth the attention of the public we rank it 10/10 but if the product is not attractive enough or is not powerful against the competition is a 0/10.

With our analytic view and the proper professionalism we give fair reviews about these products with the intention of captivate the public about products that are worth buying, as well ignoring the products that aren’t good enough.