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3 Laptops to Consider If You’re Searching for The Best Devices Available

Currently, technology has seen innovations in a way that surprises us more every day. Technological creations, especially in laptops, are something that attracts us. We speak of laptops with touch screens or laptops with 2 screens, and many more. All this is real! That’s why here we bring you some of the best laptops in the world that you could search in the market:

source: technobezz

Dell XPS 13

Considered as one of the best laptops right now, the Dell XPS 13 has great features such as a 4K screen, a RAM from 8 to 16GB, storage memory of more than 200GB and up to 1TB (one of the largest capacities), in addition to a totally modern design. It’s light and you can find it in different colors like: white, gold or pink. It’s currently considered the laptop with the best Windows processor.

Apple Macbook Pro 2018

It’s the best Macbook that Apple has created so far. The Apple Macbook Pro 2018 has a RAM memory from 8 to 16GB, storage of more than 100GB up to 2TB. It has a spectacular design, and has a touch bar. Also, you can log in using your fingerprint. The disadvantage is the price which is $ 1900, but it will be worth it.

source: microsoft

Huawei MateBook X Pro

It’s considered one of the best laptops in the world by some experts, due to its incredible features. The Huawei MateBook X Pro has a storage capacity of more than 500GB, a RAM from 8 to 16GB, a 3K screen, and an Intel Core processor (i5-i7). Another attractive feature, in addition to the beautiful design, is its battery long duration compared to any other laptop. The price is approximately $ 1500, which is also an advantage because it’s more accessible compared to other laptops of major brands.

There are so many new and old laptop models that have helped us so much, for work, college or for extra activities. Whatever the case, having a laptop is a huge advantage for any job or activity anywhere you are. Therefore, if you are looking to buy a laptop any of these is right for you.

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