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Hi there, my name is Louis Dunn and I’m the founder of “Processor Emporium,” a place where you can learn and get some interesting facts about computer hardware. But in “Processor Emporium,” we give extra attention to computer processors and we tell you everything you need to know about them, how to take properly care of them, and which processor suits you better.

“Processor Emporium” is more than advices and information about computer parts and hardware in general. In “Processor Emporium,” we take a little more attention to details that every computer lover should know. We also discuss and talk about new and different hardware that gets the attention of the public. We also write reviews and opinion articles from a professional point of view.

But the articles that we write about these types of products are always made by professionals in the computer field, as we take the challenge to try and provide you with our point of view regarding these parts.

With our well-written articles we’re trying to educate all our readers about the world of computers and technology. Our goal is to reach every reader possible and try to give them enough information regarding computers and tech.

We possess interesting articles that go from tips on how to build a better computer to the best computer parts and processors in the market so, in a way, you know that in “Processor Emporium” you can get the best information about these themes, featuring a solid and clean writing style that only we possess.

Louis Dunn
Head of Processor Emporium