Why Net Neutrality is Important for an Unbiased Digital Era?

We are currently living on the edge of the digital era. All of sudden some burning issues have come to the fore in regard to our online communications. Ideally,a government or a service provider has anything to do in regard to what we are surfing on the internet. Net neutrality aims for a free and fair surfing regime all the time.

An ISP (Internet-Service-Provider) can’t judge what to watch and what not to watch as long as they are legal. We should be able to visit any website at anytime of the day or night. ISPs must be able to provide us with the same speed. They must maintain objectivity in this regard. Any partiality in internet surfing can proved to be a detrimental to the public. We often visit Coupon sites to grab more discounts and cash back offers. Unless net neutrality is ensured, then an ISP could block us from visiting such sites in a discriminatory manner.

This is a direct attack on our individual freedom and liberty. Currently we are paying for what we use. Suppose you download a 1GB data, then you will have to pay fees for it only. However, few network operators want to determine the price on the basis of which website you visit. This will set a wrong precedent.

Save the Internet Campaign in India

Over the past few weeks the net neutrality is a trending topic. People all across India have started pressurising the government not to succumb before the telecom operators and let the status quo maintained. Several celebrities have vocally supported the campaign using their social media platforms. Some of India’s top-notch Bollywood celebrities like Sonakshi Sinha, Riteish Deshmukh, Farhan Akhtar, Vishal Dadlani and others have vociferously shown their solidarity with the Indian internet users.

The campaign has been started by a few likeminded individuals from different paths of life. They appeal every internet user to fill the certain form on the website and email it to the TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). The attitude of the Telecom operators in India is still ambiguous. They maintained a pin drop silence in the whole issue.

The main beneficiary of non-neutral internet surfing would be the various ISPs. They could launch packs of certain amount that would guide the users to pay for websites. This is exactly what we do to watch cable channels these days. Similarly, any change in net neutrality may compel you to pay two different rates for visiting two different websites. For example; you will pay two different rates to access YouTube on one hand while Yahoo on the other.

If the ISPs start filtering what we surf then it would be really difficult for the people to visit various websites for online shopping. It will also allow ISPs to block content of its rival websites. Biased internet era will definitely throw us few centuries back and we would have to pay a lot more money to our ISPs for accessing various websites.