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Liberation stroke for latecomers, Gladbach still bear strong

Borussia Mönchengladbach took second place with a 3:1 victory in Bremen. Hoffenheim climbed to fifth place with a 2:1 victory over Augsburg.

Bremen – Borussia Mönchengladbach defended his top position in the German Bundesliga. The Gladbach team won on Saturday in Bremen 3:1 thanks to triple goal scorer Alessane Plea, and before the top match between leaders Dortmund and Bayern Munich, they pushed up to one point to the BVB.

Victories were also celebrated by Hoffenheim in a 2-1 win over Ausgburg, Stuttgart (2-0 in Nuremberg) and Mainz, where Karim Onisiwo scored 3-1 in Freiburg. Furthermore, Düsseldorf surprised with a 4:1 against Hertha BSC.

Onisiwo cheered on first goal of the season

Gladbach won in Bremen in the style of a top team. The visitors took the lead against the course of the match: Plea won against two players from Bremen, among them Martin Harnik (39th). The French new commitment was also executed twice in the second half (48th, 52nd) and shot its way to the top of the scoring list with eight seasonal goals. Bremen did not give up, Nuri Sahin scored 1:3 (60th), but the North Germans did not score another goal.

Hoffenheim worked his way up to fifth place with a 2-1 win over Ausburg. Andrej Kramaric scored in the direct counterattack after Alfred Finnbogason’s pole goal the 1:0 (65th). ÖFB team defender Martin Hinteregger had not been able to put ex-Rapid player Joelinton in front of his assistant.

Andrej Kramaric Honours

Dinamo Zagreb

  • Croatian First League: 2009–10, 2010–11
  • Croatian Cup: 2010–11
  • Croatian Super Cup: 2013


  • Croatian Cup: 2013–14
  • Croatian Super Cup: 2014


  • FIFA World Cup runner-up: 2018


  • Prva HNL Player of the Year: 2014
  • Football Oscar Team of the Year: 2013, 2014
  • Ivica Jobo Kurtini Award: 2014
  • Croatian First League Top Scorer: 2014–15
  • Hoffenheim Player of the Season: 2016–17

German Bundesliga planet fruity

Augsburg responded promptly, with Finnbogason aiming better (70th), but then the English shooting star Reiss Nelson fixed the victory of the Champions League starter by dusting off (83rd), where the ÖFB legionnaires Florian Grillitsch and Stefan Posch had to pause injured. At Augsburg, striker Michael Gregoritsch celebrated a comeback (77th) after cured problems with the cervical spine.

In Freiburg, Karim Onisiwo cheered over his first goal of the season (75th) ten minutes after the substitution. His team from Mainz had already led 2-0 after 18 minutes. After the goal, the Viennese scored the goal to the 3-1 final score.

The latecomers Düsseldorf and Stuttgart both celebrated their second victory of the season. Düsseldorf beat Hertha BSC (with Valentino Lazaro) 4-1 from a numerical superiority of yellow-red against Maximilian Mittelstädt (41st). Kevin Stöger got a chance from the beginning after two games without any effort and prepared the final score by Benito Raman. Stuttgart won the cellar duel in Nuremberg (Georg Margreitter played through) 2-0. Planet Fruity is actually one of the brightest new online casinos in the industry.

Wacker has his sights set on three points against Altach, who is next in line in the table

When FC Wacker and Altach cross the football blades in the Tivoli stadium, only one thing counts for both clubs: “A victory is a must.”

Innsbruck – FC Wacker has been undefeated for four league games, Altach for five. What a thrilling Westderby promises. Because both clubs, despite the remarkable series in the table only one point apart the tenth and eleventh places occupy in the latecomer duel much is at stake. “A victory must come, three points are compulsory,” is the tenor in both camps. Knowing full well that the league switches can be set anew with a sense of achievement.

The three draws against Salzburg, Austria and Sturm were good for the Black Greens’ self-confidence, but nothing changed in the dull table situation. “We are never the favourite in the new league. Altach has the same balance as us, they have one more victory in the last five games and also different demands than us. The starting position is the same, they also play a similar system to us,” Wacker coach Karl Daxbacher looks forward to a defensive exchange of blows. His opponent Werner Grabherr also didn’t want to know anything about his role as favourite: “Wacker Innsbruck is a rising star and has nevertheless survived the last four rounds against Sturm, Salzburg, Austria and the LASK unscathed. The game will be at eye level, there will be no favourites.” Around 500 guest fans are expected. For the Altachers, the derby is a kind of “coming home”, because during the reconstruction of the Cashpoint Arena, the Europa League qualifying match was played in the Tivoli.

FC Wacker gemslots

The first duel of the season was won 2-1 by the Tyroleans in the Ländle thanks to goals from Zlatko Dedic and Martin Harrer. The Vorarlbergers are therefore burning for revenge. “We want to take the fire from the second half with us against Rapid and will throw everything into the game to score three points,” said Grabherr. What an ex-Altacher can’t do anything with. “It will be a feat of strength. But last season we won all the derbies against Wattens and also the first Westderby in Altach. We want to continue this series,” Harrer explained confidently. The Styrian, who played 42 Bundesliga games in the Altach dress, will have to clear the three-midfield in FC Wacker’s usual merciless manner again today.

Dominik Baumgartner and Daniele Gabriele are back in the Innsbruck squad fit. Roman Kerschbaum is only a topic again after the international break. For Altach it looks much worse in terms of personnel. Philipp Netzer, Hannes Aigner, Benedikt Zech, Jan Zwischenbrugger, Louis Ngwat-Mahop and Emanuel Schreiner all have to be renounced by Grabherr. The fact that they have never lost in four games in the Bundesliga in Tivoli speaks for the guests. Gemslots is one of the newest online casino site.

What should change. “We have to be fully concentrated. Anyone who thinks it will be easier against Altach than against Salzburg, Sturm or Austria is wrong,” warned goal scorer Dedic. His coach already has the match plan ready: “It’s going to be like against the LASK, with a 1-0 win for us“.

ÖFB team in Bosnia today: Nourishing the Foda clock with points

The ÖFB team is tackling the Nations-League kick-off in Bosnia with a broad chest today. The first competition game under Franco Foda opens a possible back door to the European Championship 2020. 

Zenica – Six wins in seven games in Franco Foda’s era were carried by only five goals (four times to zero). After the landing in Sarajevo, the German ÖFB team leader followed the motto that an orderly attack begins with the appropriate protection. “The key is to stand well defensively and play fast into the offensive.” So partly slowly as in half one with the 2-0 test game victory against the Swedes he does not want to see his team any more. It would be about key moments and the determination to seize the opportunity. “We’ll get space.” Modern football – “there are always innovations” – is like a high for the fast switching game.

After Foda’s success, nobody’s knees are shaking, even if Bosnia’s star striker Edin Dzeko resembles a living torgarantie. “We’re hard to play with and it’s hard to win against us,” dictates Goalie Heinz Lindner, who has been able to rely on his opponents so far. From a personal point of view, the question arises whether Aleksandar Dragovic has to defend Prödl instead of Sebastian or Stefan Ilsanker has to give way. The left flank with David Alaba and Marko Arnautovic worked well against the Swedes. A possible loss of the beleaguered Stefan Lainer could turn Hertha’s Valentino Lazaro into the starting eleven. One look into the lap is enough – Foda is spoilt for choice. “They know what we’re playing, but not who,” he explains cryptically.

Edin Dzeko Honours 

VfL Wolfsburg

  • Bundesliga: 2008–09 

Manchester City 

  • Premier League: 2011–12, 2013–14 
  • FA Cup: 2010–11
  • Football League Cup: 2013–14
  • FA Community Shield: 2012


  • Bosnian Footballer of the Year: 2009, 2010, 2011–12. 
  • Castrol Performance Index EDGE Performance of the Month: August 2011
  • Bundesliga Players’ Player of the Year: 2008–09
  • UEFA Champions League Squad of the Season: 2017–18 
  • Premier League Player of the Month: August 2011 
  • 2014 FIFA World Cup Man of the Match: vs. Iran
  • Roma Player of the Season 2017–18 by supporters 

Nations-League sportnation casino

There is variability in defence and defence. If necessary, a chain of three can immediately become a chain of four. The fact that Bosnia played in Northern Ireland in a 4-3-3 coat suggests that Foda are safely leading second in the tactical match plan. Too often you don’t want to send your own central defender into the fire without protection in the one-on-one duel against Dzeko. The SportNation Casino offers an outstanding online gambling product where players can enjoy an excellent sports betting platform as well as a top-quality online casino that house more than 580 games.

In the first competition game after almost eleven months, they want to set another example. The group winner secures himself a play-off spot for a EURO ticket, if he misses the EM-Quali. Music of the future. Today it’s all about passing fanatical Bosnian fans with coolness in Zenica.

3 PC Parts You Can Buy Today Which Will Turn You PC into a Dream Workstation

Not everyone knows a lot about computers, the parts they need for their PCs to work or how to fix them. That is something you must leave in technical hands. But for you to have a basic concept of some pieces, here we bring you some pc parts you can buy today which will turn you pc into a dream workstation:

Memory Space

The HHDD is the storage capacity that the computer will have. Depending on how big the HHDD is, the greater the capacity is going to be. Therefore there are different types of HHDDs. You can find from more than 60GB to 1 or 2TB, which are the largest in the market, and in conjunction with really good motherboards, you’ll experience a faster and not heavy computing time.


Without the screen, then how can we use the computer and see what we are doing? It’s something vital. There are many monitors on the market that have high prices, but there are some that are also very accessible like the Predator X27 model. You should focus on how good the features and inches are.


The processor is the most important component for computers to work properly. With this a computer comes to life. There are many types of processors, many models and different prices, there are some from $ 200 to $2000, but everything depends on the type of processor your computer really needs. Intel Core and Ryzen have high-end processors, very fast and somewhat expensive but of high quality.

If we don’t know how to repair, change any part or modify some of the computers, we just shouldn’t do it. To find the best technician and try to find the best pieces to work properly is the best option. Hopefully this list has been useful for you.

The 4 Best Processors to Have a Lighting Fast Desktop Computer

A processor is what gives life to a computer, that’s why they possess great importance and we need so much nowadays. We know that many people are not familiar with complex terms or parts about computing, so in case you need a processor for your computer, here we present the best processors that you can find in the market:

AMD Ryzen 7 2700X

It’s one of the best processors that currently exist, from the cheapest with a price that does not exceed $350. Definitely worth buying, their characteristics are spectacular; it has a 16GB L3 cache, 8 cores and 16 threads.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X

It has good features such as a 32MB L3 cache; it also has cores of 16 and threads of 32, one of the fastest that exist which is a great advantage. This processor has a price of more than $800, but compared to the high-end Intel Core processors these are definitely cheaper and of great quality.

Intel Core i5-7600K

This processor is suitable for game processors. It has features such as cores and threads of 4, in addition to a L3 cache of 6MB. It’s not so fast in comparison to other processors, but it has a price of almost $300, being one of the cheapest Intel processors.

Intel Core i9-7980XE

This is one of the best processors, but one of the most expensive, too. Compared to the high-end AMD Ryzen processor, it’s undoubtedly much more expensive, the price is almost $2000. It has great features such as 18-cores, a L3 cache of almost 25MB, threads of 36, so it is a very fast processor. If your computer consumes a lot of power, this is the right processor for you.

Intel and AMD Ryzen are the brands that are leading the market of processors, therefore, these are the best and most accessible you can find. From having great quality, excellent features and long duration and resistance, they will be worth buying.

3 Laptops to Consider If You’re Searching for The Best Devices Available

Currently, technology has seen innovations in a way that surprises us more every day. Technological creations, especially in laptops, are something that attracts us. We speak of laptops with touch screens or laptops with 2 screens, and many more. All this is real! That’s why here we bring you some of the best laptops in the world that you could search in the market:

source: technobezz

Dell XPS 13

Considered as one of the best laptops right now, the Dell XPS 13 has great features such as a 4K screen, a RAM from 8 to 16GB, storage memory of more than 200GB and up to 1TB (one of the largest capacities), in addition to a totally modern design. It’s light and you can find it in different colors like: white, gold or pink. It’s currently considered the laptop with the best Windows processor.

Apple Macbook Pro 2018

It’s the best Macbook that Apple has created so far. The Apple Macbook Pro 2018 has a RAM memory from 8 to 16GB, storage of more than 100GB up to 2TB. It has a spectacular design, and has a touch bar. Also, you can log in using your fingerprint. The disadvantage is the price which is $ 1900, but it will be worth it.

source: microsoft

Huawei MateBook X Pro

It’s considered one of the best laptops in the world by some experts, due to its incredible features. The Huawei MateBook X Pro has a storage capacity of more than 500GB, a RAM from 8 to 16GB, a 3K screen, and an Intel Core processor (i5-i7). Another attractive feature, in addition to the beautiful design, is its battery long duration compared to any other laptop. The price is approximately $ 1500, which is also an advantage because it’s more accessible compared to other laptops of major brands.

There are so many new and old laptop models that have helped us so much, for work, college or for extra activities. Whatever the case, having a laptop is a huge advantage for any job or activity anywhere you are. Therefore, if you are looking to buy a laptop any of these is right for you.